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Need a Little Help With My Plunge Saw


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I currently have a DWS520 Plunge saw (TYPE 3) and a DCS520 Plunge saw (Flexvolt) on order.


The new Flexvolt plunge saw has a dust port that is compatible with the airlock system that the DWV902M extractor uses.


The DWS520 Is just a straight dust


I thought that the corded saw had not been made with the airlock port until 2 days ago when I went to a site and another joiner had the corded saw but with the airlock port!!


I had a look at the model number and it is exactly the same as mine, it is even a TYPE 3 just like mine. I cant see any other difference with the two saws!!


So I had a look on my usual websites for tool parts and can't find any exploded illustrations that show the airlock port. All I can find the standard straight dust port.


so I tried to look for parts for the Flexvolt saw because they seem to look the same and might be able to fit the corded saw. But I can't seem to find any website that lists parts for the Flexvolt saw at all.


does any one know the part number for the airlock dust port and/or if the airlock port from the Flexvolt will fit the corded saw???


And if anyone knows any really good tool parts websites in the UK please let me know!!


Thanks for the help!!



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@DooDar so you are buying a corded with airlock and are getting rid of the flexvolt? I thought there may be an airlock for large diameter vac hose and one for small diameter vac hose also I think the vac should have an adapter to fit between either size of hose. 

I did a quick model number search of your saw and happened to run across this https://www.partshopdirect.co.uk/dewalt-dws520-type-3-corded-plunge-saw-spare-parts-s8404/ Don't know if this is a good site. Might be worth a shot? I noticed you said type 3 so I was wondering what type 3 meant and if there is a type 1 and type 2?

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Sorry I haven't explained it properly.

I have the corded version already. 

I have the flexvolt version on order and should have it in about 2 weeks. 

The corded saw does not have the airlock port and I want to change it so I can use dewalt's airlock system with it. At the moment I am using the adaptors, and as good as they are, it is still easy to catch the hose and knock it out.

I can't find a part number for it anywhere.

The link you have included only has the standard dust port listed as number.


138 - DeWalt DUST PORT


which is the one already fitted to my saw.


I know the corded version can come with the airlock port already fitted as I found out 2 days.

That is why I thought that the port on the flexvolt saw could fit to the corded saw. And If it did I could order that instead. BUT I can't even find a website that supplies any parts for the flexvolt saw!!




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Sorry not had chance to reply.

I am keeping both. The corded and the Flexvolt (when it arrives!!)

Even if I wait till the Flexvolt arrives and I try the port to see if it fits, I am still none the wiser as to where I can get hold of the port as a part for the corded one in either case! 


It is a little frustrating the fact that parts are so hard to get hold of in some cases!! Some tools I can get hold of just about anything then things like this seem to be like pulling teeth to find!! 


Surely there is some one on this forum in Dewalts inner circle that can help!!


Kenneth Denmark or midogrumpy I am looking in your direction!! ;D ;):D

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