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I purchased a new DWS520K with both 59" and 102". I did a lot of reading on the Makita, Festool, and Dewalt as well as the conversion kits from  Trac and EZsmart. I discarded the last as they appeared to be inexpensive upfront but with the longer track and delivery charges were just as expensive, and I had to provide my circular saw.

The Makita was my first option, but the long track was very expensive. I decided to move to the Dewalt and Festool. Festool was way too expensive (as all their other tools). 

I found a good deal on presidents day on the DeWalt, so I pulled the trigger, and a few days later I had my DWS520K at my front door.

The 102" track came on an MDF box that was built around the track. It had 1"x1" MDF boards on the perimeter, and the top and bottom had 1/4" MDF. Upon inspection, one corner of the box was busted; the MDF was missing at the corner, about a 1.5" by 1.5" corner piece was MIA. It looked like it was dropped by UPS somewhere between Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta.

In any case, I have had a few problems, but my and my experience with the saw has been positive for the most part. I have a few doubts however that I am hoping people using the saw for a longer time can help me clarify.

1. I have checked both of my tracks and the 59" center rail has a minor crook when I place a straight edge on one side of the rail. It has to be about 1/64". The long track is far worse, with a deflection of about 1/16" at the end of the track. I think the long piece got damaged during shipping or it has a factory defect. Has anyone seen this before? I contacted Dewalt, and they are sending me a new set; however, I am curious as to what precision I should be expecting from end to end on these tracks.


2. When I start a rip and I plunge the saw into the workpiece, I noticed it is taking off more material vs when the saw is already plunged and riding along the track. I noticed that my workpieces were getting a 1/32 crook at the beginning to about 6" down the track. Is this normal? Should I always plunge outside of the workpiece? What if I wanted to make a hole using the plunger? It did not remove the blade nor I did any adjustment to it. The blade went down 1/2 a tooth on the cutting surface.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.






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