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well for the past few days/week I have been upgrading my shop with better dust collection. I have been doing a lot of research on how to go about it, now keeping this to a minimal budget I realize it will take some coin but I don't want to over pay for nothing. So in saying that I wanted to upgrade my 2HP 1200 CFM dust collector with a canister filter, these filters range in value way more than I wanted to spend however I have come across a cheaper alternative. I looked at the odeina super system for $405 USD that would be close to $700 for me plus shipping ect ect then I thought what about truck filters and well here is my solution for around $105 local for 2 filters. these filters with further research has about the same specs as the odeina when doubled up the odeina has 95sqft of surface and these end up having approx 47sqft each here are the links  

the curren bag I have now is 1 micron and has approx 35sqft total filtration area so I will be almost tripling that to 94ish 

12" x 10' Baghouse Tube Filter (1-micron)Total filtration area: 31 sq/ft
Item #: FTS100000 $50.56

13" x 39" Super Cartridge Filter Retrofit Kit 
 total filtration area of 95 sq ft.
Item #: FXK010039

13.82 Inches (351 MM)
Inner Diameter:
9.49 Inches (241 MM)
18.07 Inches (459 MM)
Overall Length:
18.54 Inches (471 MM)
99.9 Percent
Efficiency Test Std:
ISO 5011
Media Type:

AIR FILTER, PRIMARY ROUND approx 47sqftea 94sqft total

The truck filter is a Donaldson P181099. 
Outer Diameter: 13.83" (351 mm)
Inner Diameter: 9.49" (241 mm)
Length: 18.06" (459 mm)
Height: 16.06" (408 mm)
Gasket ID: 9.88" (178 mm)

Page 133

More info:


Page 9 explains micron rating
Donaldson is claiming 99.9+% efficiency
so I'm convinced that the truck filter will do just as good for a fraction of the money so I ordered them (2 weeks to get them local I could order from the website direct but extra for shipping ) I will keep you updated.

btw I will also post about the other updates I am working on as well including after much thought I will be going 4" PVC everywhere I can instead of flex hose for better flow and it will be grounded as well.....


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so far so good on the retrofit of smooth piping versus flex hose, apparently the difference is almost 4-1 so every foot of flex hose is like almost 4 feet of piping 


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ok a bit more done, got all flex hose out of the set up except about 4 feet, it has to be there for well flexibility to be able to move the sliding manifold but other than that all solid piping. oh I named them so I don't forget.....lol the other tools have a direct line as well by just switching ends..... 

1 - Copy.jpg

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quick tip, if you need an end for flex hose or a coupler  for PVC pipe, I know you can buy a coupler for couple bucks but not a pipe end to except flex hose ...if you have spare pipe and don't want to run to store here a quick solution.

take a piece of pipe about 6" to 8" long cut 2" off then take the longer piece and on a band saw cut exactly 5/8" of an inch out with 2 cuts. you probably could use miter saw as well. once you decide what you need to connect wrap it in metal tape or if it is flex hose tighten a wire clamp and you are good to go.. I know it creates a slight step on the inside of pipe but it is less than flex hose bumps....







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