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Porter Cable 7301 laminate trimmer


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What is so special about these old laminate routers? There is a few of them on eBay and they are asking close to 200.00. 



There was one exactly like this one near me on CL the guys was asking 200.00 and the listing is gone in a day. 


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I have four of the base model units and sort of wish I had invested in one of the multi base kits when they were producing them. They are simply excellent small routers. Solid, stable, and easy to adjust. In my opinion, they were the best trimmers available at the time they were produced. If they are knocking down that much cash these days used, then there must be a bunch of similar opinions out there. I put mine through a lot back when I still had my shop and have not had to rebuild any of them.


I can't say what exactly might make them so special to command such a price these days (outside of demand), but I have never had any remorse from buying all of the ones I do have...

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it doesn't take long for people to realize if a tool is good or not. When it is the brand may change something on it and they lose the appeal. I know i have an older D handle PC that just won't quit been one of my favorite routers but they don't make them the same any more so a new one is just not the same.

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Everybody has their favorites. Milwaukee and DeWALT may be having their little mine is better than yours battles over cordless tools now, but certain things from certain companies dominated their era and in some cases continue to do so. Reciprocating saws were dominated by Milwaukee for so long, they are all "Sawzalls". Circular saws are referred to as "Skilsaws" by a lot of folks probably due to  the 77's dominance for a long time after WWII, If I said Bobcat, you would immediately think of a 4 wheel drive skid steer loader even if it was another brand.


20 years ago and long before that Porter-Cable was known for a few things, routers and sanders were probably their most popular products. As for their newer products, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their 690 or 890 routers, They have seemingly been made forever and like the Energizer bunny just keep going and going. Their belt sanders are the same way.

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