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Rolling Workbench


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So I set out to make the smallest workbench with the most capabilities that I could. I welded a base for My MFT/3 and was able to fit my Flexvolt tablesaw and Flexvolt 12" non sliding miter saw underneath. with this setup there is not much I can't build for my furniture making hobby and tinkering. the best part is that it only takes up about 45" x 30" in the corner of my garage and I can wheel everything into my driveway, build something, and roll it back into the garage without making a mess or having to use any extension cords. 



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Is the mft permanently mounted? If so I would have made the bench the same height as the mft (if you hadn't already). That way if you had the room you have the option to use either just one surface or both surfaces side by side.

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rrmcabe:  I haven't attached it yet but i plan to put blocks to attach the corners too. 


rrich1: I am going to mount it to blocks with star knobs so they are easy to put on and take off. I thought about making it the same height as the MFT but that height with the MFT folded height would be about 42" and i felt that was a little too high. If I though I would take it off often to use 2 tables I would have went that route. When I need a big assembly table I will use a centipede sawhorse with a sheet of plywood. The MFT will just be where everything is cut, ripped and routed. 

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