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16ga vs 15ga finish nailers


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I've always used 16ga and 18ga for trim.  I've tried the Dewalt dcn660 16ga cordless nailer and it's ok. But now I see Dewalt is coming out with the dcn650 15ga nailer.  And this nailer has a nice smaller contact tip. 

So besides a slightly larger hole, any disadvantages to going with a 15ga nailer? Seems the 15ga nails are cheaper too. 

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On exterior trim...16 g is fine for 1 3/4" bed mold or cornice, cove etc..but 15 g should be used for larger crown mold or larger molding...it has a larger diameter shank and larger head to hold better....interior trim same theory..door casing with 15g then,,window trim,base, 16g...decorative trim smaller molding with 18g or 23g pin ...

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usually use 16ga on door frame and 18ga on all standard trim.  16ga on thicker and heavier trim


did a lot of prefinished trim in multifamilies before and we'd use 18ga for everything because we didnt fill the nail holes, so we had to have small nail holes.

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