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Festool Sandpaper Guide


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I figured this would be a good idea.


Example - STF D125/8 P40 GR/10


STF - I'm unsure maybe the way the paper attaches to the sander? in this case StickFix?

D - This indicates diameter

125 - Indicates diameter of the sanding pad in millimeters 

8 - the number of vacuum holes on the sanding pad

P - I'm unsure I seen different letters here. Thoughts?

40 - indicates the grit number

GR - indicates the type of sandpaper in this case GR for Granat

10 - indicates the number of sheets in the set.


Festool has many types of sandpaper here are most of them.


Granat -  Versatile, general purpose abrasive for use on wood & finished surfaces.


Rubin 2 - Finish Faster - Rubin 2 is designed to quickly shed wood fibers, eliminating clogging so the abrasive stays sharp, leading to a 30% faster removal rate.

Save Money - Since Rubin 2 is designed to prevent clogging due to the buildup of pitch and wood fibers, you’ll get up to 30% longer life out of every sheet.

Your Best Finish - Designed for rapid grit progression, you’ll spend less time getting from 80 to 220, achieving the best possible finished surface in the least amount of time.


Brilliant 2 - paint, fillers, primers and finishes like lacquers and varnishes; its antistatic coating is compatible with water-based products.


Platin 2 - A foam-backed, silicone carbide based abrasive with a stearate coating specially developed for high-gloss finishes on closed surface materials.

Ideal abrasive for super-fine finish on fillers, finish coats, solid surface, fiberglass and plastics.


Saphir - Durable aluminum oxide abrasive incorporates a tear-resistant fabric backing for longer life in extreme applications.

Ideal abrasive for heavy duty sanding of wood, paint, plastics, fiberglass, composites, concrete and steel.


Vlies - excellent for deep pore cleaning on natural woods, veneers and is great for use on contours. Perfect for cleaning and de-rusting metal.


Diamant - High-performance abrasive for finishing very hard surfaces

Matting and refining hard surfaces such as scratch-proof clear coats and composite and solid surface

Light sanding of panel-type materials coated in melamine resin for preparation of paint application


Titan 2 - excellent for automotive finishes: paints, fillers, primers and lacquers and preferred for all oil-based paints and finishes.

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11 hours ago, JimboS1ice said:

Nice guide here, I've used granet and Rubin it's nice paper, they have a new NET style disc coming out if I'm not mistaken

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yeah. I'm guessing it is for drywall sanding.

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