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Portable drill operates opposite of direction switch


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Long story short; The chuck is turning the opposite direction of the intended direction. Forward is reverse and vice a versa.  And yes, I did try swapping the motor leads which is where it got even worse.


Doing so solved the problem, but only for a day. The very next day, the direction is opposite again. IOW's, it reverted back to opposite if the intended direction.


There are two transistors mounted on a heat sink in the base of the tool. There is also a large rectangular component with two leads, I can only assume it a capacitor, thou it's a very odd shape.


I have another identical older model and that is ok. This is less than a year old, but was refurbished, so the warranty is expired.


This whole thing started when the battery pack was discharged (apparently) enough, the motor did not turn, but the LED work light did light which I took as a problem with the tool. Past practice, the motor will turn, barely if the charge was low, but any other drill I have used (NiCad or NiMh) it would at least make a noise. Assuming, due to this newer lithium ion battery pack tech, things changed and these motors now have a 'cliff effect'. It's either runs or it does not.


Ok, any electronic experts out there can explain this one? (I have not found any gremlins yet. ???  )


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