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18 volt Cordless Drill


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My first drill was Black and Decker and this is my 2nd one. The 1st I've had for about 6 years and have used to drill, bore, screw, furniture, and hammer drill thousands of times and it still works. Recently purchased a DeWalt XRP Cordless Drill after using 2 years my batteries are shot so the drill smokes when using. Need a solution.
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Honestly though, 2 years so the NiCad batteries are shot, needs new brushes...I'd consider tossing out the old tech drill and buying into a lithium battery platform. I wouldn't recommend something high end but a home owner, DIY grade tool or a reconditioned drill would work. Reconditioned compact brushed Milwaukee drill and impact driver, two batteries, bag and charger run about $120 on sale. The M12 brushed set is like $100 and is probably about as powerful as his Dewalt XRP. A replacement battery and brushes for his drill will be like $80.

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Jim is right here bad batteries won’t smoke it may be the brushes, Why don't you try changing the batteries and that will give you the confirmation o whether batteries are the real problem or brushes.  I have recently come across the batteries for your model here http://amzn.to/2hIhkbD

I am also sharing a 20% OFF code for you ( FP3YYHB3 ) If you want to buy the batteries.


I am new here and excited to help everyone as much as possible preferably for woodworking tools.

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