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Metabo's range of drills


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Of all the brands it looks like Metabo might have the biggest range of cordless drills.


18V subcompacts, compacts, full size, tapper, 3 speed, sds, 36V sds...with some of these offered in both brushed and brushless, quick and non-quick, hammer and non-hammer etc. 


Which drills do you own? 


I have just one so far:


BS 18 Quick subcompact

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I've reviewed (and had in comparisons) 4 Metabo drills. I like them. They don't need babying, very tough tools.


Having said that, they excel most in steel, which I don't use much. They seem to be middle of the pack for raw torque / timber or masonry drilling.

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No I haven't Jronman. It will be interesting to see if that's true.


My first hammer drill comparison had an 90 Nm Metabo that was almost the equal of the 120 Nm Makita. The second one had a 120 Nm Metabo that was hardly (if at all) more powerful.


It will be interesting to see if this 1200 in.lbs is the real deal!

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