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Blackhawk BP-1338QR


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Finally ordered a new set of Blackhawk ratchets the other day. I got the BP-1338QR (3/8 Drive) and the BP-1412QR (1/2" Drive) both for around $40. 72 Tooth with quick release. Never used one, but the guys I've talked to that have seem to really like them. Now I'm just waiting on the UPS guy. 



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Well, after a week of using them I'm happy to report these ratchets work as good as they look. The 1/2" was a little stiff out of the box, but after applying a little Red Lube of Love it improved. They're 72 tooth, single pawl, and best I can tell they're getting 10-12 tooth engagement. These are stout rats. I'll definitely be ordering the 1/4" model. I've really grown fond of Blackhawk here lately. They are excellent tools for the money.











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How would you compare this to a Kobalt?


The Kobalt is smoother.


The Blackhawk, while not as smooth as the Kobalt, has more teeth engaged at once which will undoubtedly make it a bit stouter. The Blackhawk has a smaller head as well, making it a bit easier to get into tight spots. 


Kobalt will be easier to warranty as the Blackhawk would likely have to be warrantied at Grainger or through the mail. 


Both have a good feel to them, but the Blackhawk looks cooler!

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Thanks conductor, the only complaint I have on my kobalts is the high pitched ratcheting sound compared to a snap on or mac.

A very light coat of "Red Lube of Love" will quiet them down. I took mine apart, lubed the gear wheel and the pawls, and once I got it back together I noticed it was a little harder to turn than before. I took it back apart, wiped out the excess, and now it works like a dream. I try to service all my ratchets at least twice a year.

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