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Greenlee (Textron) aquires Ridgid!


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All TTI and Home Depot need to do is sell Ridgid tools as AEG in Home Depot. They don't ned to change anything for the brand. The new Greenlee/Ridgid company just needs to continue using Makita batteries for current Greenlee tools and switch to Makita batteries for current Emerson Ridgid tools. They could either do Ridgid name with Greenlee color scheme or do Greenlee with Ridgid color scheme. The AEG stuff could get AEG color scheme.

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19 hours ago, The.Handyman said:

Ridgid industrial tools are different than Ridgid power tools division. I don't believe TTI owns the Ridgid Industrial side. I could be wrong.

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You are correct, separate companies, I want to say HD and or TTI pay loyalties into using the RIDGID name. This is why the RIDGID Industrial crimping tools don't use the RIDGID HD batteries, I wonder if Emerson will still make the vacuums?

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Read your link again. You have it all turned around. Emerson Electric owns the Ridgid name. They manufacture the red plumbing tools. They used to or still make shop vacuums for Sears and HD. They made some heavier stuff like drill presses for Sears, back in the day. They have a license deal that allows TTI to make the orange and gray Ridgid stuff that Home Depot uses as a house brand. Home depot is just paying to slap the name of a company with a good reputation on their products. Emerson's aquisition of Textron has nothing to do with their licensing of the Ridgid brand name. Companies rent their names out all the time for products they have nothing to do with. Norhing has changed as far as HD tools are concerned.

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