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Long time no see


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@jronman There will be two circ saws released to answer your question. The top tier brand new Fuel and the more budget friendly non fuel brushless.


It's been a long time; I would be terribly selfish to not show up here now that I've been able to experience this great journey to Milwaukee NPS from the bug Dan and Eric gave me and when I first started watching their shenanigans!

Thanks one and all for the great conversations we have had, I credit TIA for the amazing experiences I've had since I was last here (good grief, how long has it been anyways!!!??)


This is just the beginning though.

I was privileged to intro the video that just went up tonight and it prompted me to check in here and say hi!


Still so hard to believe thanks Dan and Eric!!! (Please excuse the shameless plug lol)






I'm always on the lookout for others in the trades to showcase their work, their process, methods, tips and tricks etc. I have had several submit a short video to Google drive, I play it on the channel and everyone loves the feedback they get.




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2 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

It will be close but I always like a right angle form of drill for my rough ins


I was just saying that because in the video the Milwaukee guy was saying the gen 3 could outperform any cordless drill. I'd be impressed if it could beat a super hawg.

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On 5/7/2018 at 5:39 PM, Eric - TIA said:

It was awesome finally meeting you.  Fun time and hope we can get to meet up again.

Hopefully on one of my trips to South Bend (via Chicago) I’ll get to meet you guys as well.

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