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Impact Wrench Boots


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Anyone use them?  My old IR 231 pneumatic impact still has the Matco branded boot I put on it over twenty years ago.  Over the years it served well, but it's sat unused now for a while.  


With today's addition of a 2860 mid-torque to complement the 2763 and 2767 high torque wrenches, I'm considering get boots for all three.  At around $100 total, though, I'm still on the fence about doing so.


I have yet to put these tools through their paces, but they'll see plenty of use starting this year.  A Kobalt 20v impact I gave my brother late last year is already bearing the scars of heavy use, and I'd prefer to keep the expensive Red tools in decent condition for as long as possible.


So, boots or no boots?  I know they can be worth the price of admission but have no experience with using them on cordless tools.  Any issues I should know about (overheating, debris build-up, etc)?  Any stories of miraculous saves after a tool fell 500 stories, or epic fails after an impact imploded inside the boot when torquing a 1/16" fastener?  

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1 hour ago, Bremon said:

I use the boot on my 2763, and when I buy a mid torque and some Fuel ratchets I’ll get the boots for them as well. 


Good to know, I take it the boots are worth the money?  Funny how I ask now, but twenty years ago I didn't hesitate to spend $20+ on boots for my pneumatic tools, despite making under $10 an hour.

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