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STAFDA 2019 is here. There is lots of new products.


Makita has a new 2x 9in cutoff saw coming with bind protection and a light. There is also an updated 18v string trimmer coming. Also a new charging radio is coming which is a first for Makita. The 18v planner is getting an update with brushless motor and AWS compatibility. There was also a new cordless metal punch, grease gun, wobble style light, and more.


Diablo has some new self feed bits coming. They are noticeably faster than the Milwaukees they went against. There is also a new carbide scroll blade for the recip and a new hvac blade for the recip. Also Diablo updated their blades to fit x-lock. Also there is a new carbide metal recip blade that they used to cut a solid piece of cast iron round stock. Some new "Rebar Demon" full carbid concrete drill bits were unveiled.


DeWALT had a new 12 amp fast charger. Charges a 12.0 in about 1 hour. Also there is a new "hackzall" style of recip coming to the 12v line looks like the Atomic but in 12v. The rumored coil nailer has finally be unveiled. It is specifically for roofing. It does not do siding. It has a 3 to 4 nail a second rate of fire. Tough System 2.0 was also there. They had the 130/50 equivalent, the 300 equivalent, 400 equivalent, and the 450 equivalent. The front latches have seen an update. They are similar to Packout now. The side latches auto latch now. Just drop and go. They are also compatible with gen 1. They can at least attach via the top of gen 1. I'm not sure if gen 1 can go on top of gen 2. The Gen 2 stuff also has label spots like with tstak. There is also a new tool tray that fits in boxes which are connectable to each other. There is now a half width organizer with updated bins. The original recip, grinder, and blade right circular saw in the flexvolt line are getting updates with updated motors and electronics. They also seem to be coming with 9.0's and new model names (the recip still lacks a rafter hook).


Bosch has a couple new sds max hammers. One is 1-3/8" and the other is 1-3/4". The media said there was other stuff but they have to keep quiet about it for now.

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