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Good and reasonably priced track saw


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I'm tooling up to do my first resin table and I'd rather not spend the $600 for the Festool track saw I'm seeing in all the videos.  Is there a comparable model that performs as well?  I definitely won't be a high volume producer.  Don't need it to do any specialized functions.  Just need it to have settings for cut depths and use a vacuum system.


EDIT:  After seeing how much the alternative track saw systems are I'm probably gonna have to cheap out here considering all the money I've spent on new tools already.

Can anyone recommend a good deep cutting regular circular saw that would work well with an improvised straight edge guide system (maple board and clamps)?

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If you can get by with the regular size of track saw, they are roughly 6-1/2 in blade diameter,  then a "good" track saw in this size will run you roughly $400-$500 minimum. You can buy ones in the $200 price range which is about as cheap as they come. The $200 ones are better than a regular circular saw but as a track saw they are not worth it in my opinion. I know Kreg just came out with a track saw. I don't know if it is good or not. Might be worth a try? It shows the basic kit is going for $400.


The corded Makita is going for around $420 but seems like there is always a free 2 battery promotion going on that it would be almost silly not to go with the cordless version. As of right now you can get the Makita cordless kit for $390 from Home Depot and Amazon online. Acme Tool and ToolNut has the cordless kit for $499 but you get a 39in guide rail and 2 5.0ah batteries thrown in for free. 


I personally own the DeWALT Flexvolt and Festool TSC55 cordless track saws both are great. The Festool is the better saw in my opinion. One option that you could try is the DeWALT track saw paired with the Festool guide rails which is what I did for awhile before I got my Festool. The DeWALT kit is going for $499 for the cordless kit and $579 for the cordless with guide rail kit. Right now the DeWALT is looking to be hard to get. Mostly out of stock or backordered. The Makita is a better overall saw in my opinion.


Now for a large track saw larger than the 6-1/2 in, your options are much more limited unless you go with a regular circular saw with guide rail compatible base. The TS75 from Festool is about the largest track saw option available over here. Maffel might sell a large option as well but I am not for sure. Both would be quite expensive.

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I made and used “shooter boards” for a little while before I took the plunge ([emoji2]) on a tracksaw.

Easily found on YouTube. I used shelf hardware and made sure they were straight when I assembled them using a straight edge(level).

Might work fine for an occasional use tool.

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On 1/4/2020 at 7:13 PM, Mordekyle said:

Just saw this part.
Ditch the straight edge system and clamp a level on the wood and Rent a beam saw.
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I just noticed this too. My suggestion still stands for the Makita. You are getting 4 batteries, guide rail, dual charger, regular length guide rail, saw, and 2 makpaks for only $500. @bradleyheathhays if you can make one more large purchase, I think it will be worth it in the long run and your still paying less than the Festool. That is if a 6-1/2in blade will be sufficient. If you need the capacity of the TS75 then you may want to try @Mordekyle 's idea. Most newer 7in saws and sometimes bigger saws have dust collection options if that is something you need. It is typically not best dust collection but still dust collection none the less. Also a regular circular saw doesn't have a splinter guard so your cut may have more tearout with the regular saw.

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