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2530-20 m12 circular saw


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Seems as the 2530 is advertised for wood. So I'm a little confused with home depot, shows it as a bare tool with a carbide metal blade. So does that mean it can be used to cut metal? 


I've been want to get a metal saw for cutting aluminum cable tray and trough that's about 1/8 thick. And just unsure if the 2530 would be capable of that task. If it's not then I plan on picking up the 2782, just figured I'd ask if anyone knew or had any experience 

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This must be an error in the description.  If you look in the q&a on home depot someone asked about cutting metal with the 2530 and a milwaukee rep responded that it's for wood only.  Also that blade size and teeth count dosen't sound right for a metal blade but it is the standard wood framing blade size that should come with the saw.  All that being said I'm sure with the right metal blade it would cut limited amounts of aluminum.  It has rpms that match most 5⅜" metal blades but most metal blades have a 20mm arbor and the 2530 has a 10mm so it'll require bushings.  The cons: it's probably a bit under powered and the guard isn't designed for metal so it'll throw a lot of metal shrapnel.


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