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Uhh oh and a rebate


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Look what fell off the shelf today at Lowe's and landed in my cart.

On sale at 159.00 and a rebate for a free 169.00 AC battery adapter.


Wednesday the mail man will be dropping off another Metabo power tool. Wonder what it will be.379575808b66e3fd117eb6e5dafc0ad3.jpg


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That is a beast.  Great saw.  Curious to see what you think of it after some time with it.
I am already digging the silent mode, kinda like the wife when she gets mad at me.
Silent at first till she loads up then the noise ramps up as her RPM climbs to 4000.

I know the RPM seems not a fire beast when compared to the Dewalt 20 Volt XR 5000 rpm but it might make up for it with power. I am wondering how it will work out.

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You are correct, nice power output. Supper smooth running.

I did stall the saw out a couple times but I was doing an 8 foot full depth cut and pushing it hard up a pressure treated 4x4. But if you do not push it, it will zip a full length cut with ease. The blade that came with the saw is a carbide tip and still makes smooth cuts even after ripping through the center of 8p nails length wise.

Battery consumption is very good with the 4ah battery. I built a work table for my wife with one battery, plus using the battery in my hammer drill to put adjustable legs in the 4x4's.

All screws where driven with my 18 volt 2.5 ah impact. 2de0514a8b5d8954b9a94f9b0fa41463.jpgdc09f74d277c76002c003691d786bfe1.jpg4b37b72f45a501a1276cb4e2e2da3956.jpg

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