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Another Metabo 36 Volt Power Tool


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Just purchased the 36 Volt Sawzal, warning it will eat a 4 ah battery in a heart beat. Running it in speed 4 setting, I managed to cut a pallet down to size. Removing both 2x4's on the outside edge and cutting one whole side panel loose.

I am surprised by its power when cutting the lat boards off the 2x4, zipping right through the nails, even as the blade became dull, was not a bi metal blade, but the Milwaukee blades are very tough.

The adjustable foot, was a pleasure, blade gets dull, just extend the foot, giving you 3 inches of fresh clean blade.

I was not able to make the sawzal power out or shut down. It did not seam to mind the blade pinched between two boards. Even when the blade was bent, still pulling full strokes.


This thing is heavy duty, and it is heavy. No wonder why they out a rafter hook on it.


Vibration was not an issue, I seem to remember my old one would just about beat you to death if you did not keep it tight against the work piece. Same goes for the Dewalt 20V XR I use on the job, it would rattle you a bit, but this tool is supper smooth.


You have 4 speed settings with a variable speed trigger


1) 0 to 1700 ss

2) 0 to 2000 ss

3) 0 to 2500 ss

4) 0 to 3000 ss


Price was right, 170.00 bare tool delivered. 2a34b777a2d254f9a6eb076baa4135ec.jpg1f427531110c5377d162e21c26adc483.jpg0a1a1c949f206a9f8bb3702e1ebce2e5.jpg


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