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My power tool skips

Michael Johnson

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Hi, I bought a 20V DeWalt brushless power tool, but from the first time I used it, it seemed to want to skip when faced with tougher holes. I got by after a first round of skips by tightening it until I hear a click, although a previous tool from the same manufacturer that I had didn't need the clicking sound to work.


I just tried drilling a hole into a tree with it this morning. I've got to say the force it needed to put through wasn't that large before it started to skip. I used a fully charged battery.


This tool is still within its 90-day money-back warranty period, but before I return it I wanted to check if I'm misunderstanding how it's supposed to be used and whether I'm misusing it in the process. Is this tool broken?


Here's a video I made this morning:



Thank you for any insights!

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