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I though I would share a pretty neat experience I had today. In my hometown a company called US pipeline out of Houston Texas just set up shop.They are building a oil pipeline from southern Oklahoma to Illinois and my hometown just happens to be exactly in the middle between the two points They have brought in millions of dollars worth of machinery within the past few months. Anyways, today I get a phone call from my dad saying I need to go pick up a pallet of welding rods they donated to the school. While I was picking up the welding rod I noticed a semi trailer which was right next to the trailer I was getting the welding rod out of. A man kept going in there and coming out with yellow power tool after yellow power tool. After I picked up the whole shipment of welding rod I started talking with the fellow about all of his yellow power tools he was getting. He then opened up the semi trailer and showed me what was in it. It was literally 1/2 a semi trailer full of Dewalt power tools. Right in front of me was a pallet full of dewalt 9" grinders. If there was anything you could think of being yellow if was. I was in awe. I wanted to take them all home. But unfortunately he wouldn't let. Lol! i just I thought it was pretty neat seeing these tools in the a real work setting.

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That would be a site.  Too bad you couldn't grab a picture.  Is this pipeline bring a lot of new jobs to your town?  I remember when when I was a Labor for a large contractor company.  We had a new person buying all the tools for the different jobs.  A truck came to our site to drop off about 25 Dewalt reciprocating saws.  He had a lot of other tools in the back, but it was cool to see.  Not as cool as your truck, lol.

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Oh yes, it has brought many jobs to the town. Too bad they are only going to be here for a couple of years.


I wanted to take a picture so bad. But I thought he would've thought I was crazy to be taking a picture of a bunch of boxed power tools!

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