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anyone here ever reglaze a bathtub?


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A while ago, we had our tub reglazed (we rent and the bathtub is such an odd shape that a whole bathroom reno would have to happen to get a new one)


Anyway, the company who did the reglazing told us that we couldn't use any traditional abrasive cleaners on the tub because it would weaken the glaze


So we've been using hippy skippy stuff and of course....we have an algae problem.


Does anyone here know anything about this? Is there a good tough cleaner that would help?

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I know getting a tub and tub surround all in one pieces are a pain in the butt to get in or out of a door and sometimes require the wall to be opened up. Might I suggest demo-ing the tub and surround with a reciprocating saw and installing a normal tub and tile the wall tub surround. If you buy the materials and install yourself the price is about what a reglazing would cost. You can use floor tile that's cheaper than a dollar a square ft to really lower the cost if cost is an issue.

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Well, the actual length of the tub is about 3" shorter than any standard size I can find. And this is one of those situations where the landlord inherited the house and doesn't really care to make it better. So he will probably just have it reglazed every couple of years rather than tear into a wall to expand the darn thing.


Thanks for the advice on the bleach!

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