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Ryobi Pressure Washers / Expensive Accessories at The Home Depot

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I bought my second Ryobi pressure washer last night.  I didn't really need the pressure washer itself...besides the Ryobi I have here there's at least in storage in Georgia...but for the price, $68, it was worth it.  My first Ryobi pressure washer is a beast.  No, it's not overly powerful, but it has sat outside covered in a trash bag for over 1.5 years, through hard freezes and all sorts of weather.  I dragged it around the front of the house a few days ago, plugged it in and connected the hose, and it worked like it was new.  The only problem is that somehow the nozzles disappeared.  I have one nozzle on the wand, and can remove it to apply soap, but that's not exactly efficient as it simply pumps out a bunch of the cleaning solution.  I do have my water broom and scrubber attachments, and I'm sure the nozzles are somewhere in the backyard (probably chewed up by the dogs), but why not just buy new nozzles?  Besides, I needed some siding cleaner.  Off to The Home Depot.


When I arrived, I found a four-pack of PowerCare nozzles for $28.  These don't include the soap nozzle I need.  They have a five-pack of DeWalt nozzles for $38 that includes the soap nozzle, so I picked them up before deciding to look at the pressure washers themselves.  My first, truly neglected Ryobi pressure washer was purchased at the same store a few years ago for about $79 on clearance, so they surely had something marked down.  Then I found the new one.  It's small, but it includes three nozzles including both a soap and turbo nozzle.  The Ryobi turbo nozzle sells for $45 and the DeWalt $78.  Further, there were no standalone soap nozzles, making the new pressure washer a no-brainer.


Anyway, if you need accessories, don't overlook just buying a new tool if the price is right.  As I told the wife when I got home, I not only have the nozzle I needed but also a spare wand and hose, and a backup pressure washer in case the first one finally dies.

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