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Rugged Phones


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Let's face it, the most ubiquitous tool in modern society is the smart phone.  Modern phones have all but replaced landlines, desktop computers, fax machines, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDA), calculators, portable gaming systems, radios, cable TV, and too much more to list.  Many of us rely on a phone daily, even if only for business related calls.  


A few years back, I realized my luck with phones had died out.  I'd only had a few smart phones previously without issue, but around 2017 my ZTE got snagged on a van door and cracked.  After that, a couple of LG G4s lived short lives (one due to a damaged charging port and the other cracked), and a subsequent phone died.  So, I started looking at rugged phones.


DeWalt and Caterpillar are two brands that offer these, but I figured I'd look beyond the branding, color schemes, and marketing.  This led me to the Blackview 9700 Pro.  I'm on my second now...the first met its fate during a drunken impromptu water sledding session.  A local river spot has a nice 12-24" deep section with smooth stones, and the mountain cur was more than capable of pulling me through, while the older lab did the same for my kids.  Anyway, a couple of screws had come loose, breaking the water seal and ultimately damaging the phone's internals.  Oops.


I type this on my second BV9700 Pro.  It's been going strong for almost two years now, and I convinced the wife to get one as she was breaking screens every few months.  She's actually on her second now, after leaving her first on a vehicle one too many times and finally cracking its screen.


I like being able to rinse my phone off, leave it in the rain, or not worry about its location while pressure washing the house.  It's also held up to the occasional drop on asphalt or concrete. 


Bringing this back to the subject of tools, my BV9700 Pro has a Toolbox folder (see attachment) with a variety of useful apps for various jobs.




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