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DIY Garage Subpanel


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Has anyone installed a subpanel for their garage/workshop. I have an older house and bad electrical so it looks like I will be installing a subpanel.


This might be a good place to post progress and project details. I’ll try my best to keep everything organized and updated. Please feel free to correct me if I provide incorrect info.

This project will advance as budget allows. I’m a poor college kid (Old Man), and my GI Bill just ran out. Anyway;

My main panel is on an exterior wall, very close to the garage. The install should be straight forward, install a breaker in the main to feed the sub. Mount the sub in the garage, run a conductors from the main to the sub.


The first step is to figure out what size wires and breakers I need. To figure this out I need to approximate my load requirements, allowing for future-proofing.  I’ll post again with the break down and more info on rating/de-rating conductors.

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Run a number 4 and throw it on a 80 amp breaker.  Should be more than you will ever need.  Right now its going for about $4.20 cents a foot.  Make sure you bond you ground bar to the panel and removed the bond between the neutral and ground bar if there is one installed in the subpanel and keep your neutrals and grounds seperate.  Should be simple to come out the main panel and into the eave or side of the house with some pvc conduit and a LB to get the wire where you need to go.

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I have to check my main supply but I want to run 100 amp sub. I don't think I'll use the whole 100 but might as well plan for the future.

I’ll be more active on this thread in about a week. Right now I need to learn some math, finals this week. :(

As long as your wire from main to sub isnt longer then 30ft the 4ga wire should be plenty for 100amp ..itd hold up more amps but 100 is where youd want circuit to trip..even in garage 100 amps is lot of current

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