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Well, I’ve officially joined those who have FlexVolt battery issues.  Mine may be an outlier, though, so I’ll provide the following info:


6.0Ah battery

2016 production date

Came with a display FlexVolt table saw (so no telling if it had been charged and abused prior to me buying it)

Relatively little use since buying it in 2017


With that out of the way, I’ll say this.  I have 1.3Ah 12v Max batteries dating back to 2010 that still work well despite also seeing little use.  I have 20v Max batteries dating to 2015 that see fairly heavy use but still work almost as well as they did seven years ago.  I had one 2Ah battery swell up and refuse to charge (possible water damage) and one 4Ah battery that stopped working which DeWalt covered under warranty.


Anyway, the M18 Fuel saw I kept at the flipper house was lended to a friend, so I brought out the FlexVolt worm drive style saw from the truck.  I only had one battery with it, and quickly found that after making a few cuts in OSB and 2x lumber it would start stalling out.  The battery indicator would read 3 bars and a few minutes on the charger would show it fully charged.  A friend let me borrow the 6.0Ah battery that came with his chainsaw and it worked fine.


Nothing too major, but I was hoping my FlexVolt battery experience would be different than what some have reported.  I’ll see how my other two 6.0Ah and my 9.0Ah hold out.  Besides occasional use on the 20v Max tools, these batteries have been treated with kid hands, with only a handful of cuts with the circular saw before this past weekend, and very few with the miter or table saws.

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