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Any advice on removing this blade adapter from deck motor?

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thanks in advance for any advice 


I have a Ryobi riding mower 48ZTR75 , in which I accidentally ran over some landscape lighting cable


It got caught in the motor


I removed the blade but can’t seem to get this piece off , part no 6 on diagram


any advice? 





Thank you

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Welcome to the forum.


My advise is to not run over landscaping wiring. You're welcome.


If the question also includes resolving the problem w/ the mower, my suggestion is to manually move the blade adapter back and forth while tugging on the wiring.


If it is required to remove the blade adapter, then the reason is doesn't come apart easily is that the mating parts have distorted slightly during usage. A two arm or a four arm puller is the tool I would use for that disassembly.


Another very useful aid would be to embed the parts within ice for hours prior to removal, to get everything REALLY cold, then to quickly remove the ice and specifically quickly target JUST the blade adapter near the shaft (NOT the shaft) prior to using a MAPP gas propane torch, along with the puller tool.


It might aid assembly to VERY lightly remove corner burrs on the mating parts. Use feel to identify / reduce anything that feels abnormal. DON'T go wild w/ a file on those parts.

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