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Ego Commercial Telescoping Pole Saw - Slightly Confusing

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The product design is confusing in some regards. The saw seems to lack features that the non commercial has. The cut line indicator is not a led like the non commercial model. It is just plastic colored in Ego green. The blade tensioning requires a tool while the non commercial does not require a tool. There is no onboard tool storage. The joint where the telescoping part is seems to have a good amount of movement up and down even in the shortest position. Not something I would expect or want in a tool classified as “commercial”. I would have liked to have seen much less play in the joints. One thing that surprised me is in addition the telescoping feature, it comes with an extension (similar to the multihead). You pull off the front end and add the extension. This gives you even more length because you can use the extension and the telescoping feature at the same time. I read you can use up to two extensions. Maybe you can buy more extensions separately. I probably wouldn’t myself. The telescoping part extended all the way out plus the extension is a good 6 ft extra in length. At that point the tool would be maybe 12 to 14 feet. It is already unwieldy at 14 feet and to add another 3 feet just makes it that much more. I guess it is a nice option if needed. When I used the saw for the first time yesterday, I noticed it got up to full chain speed really fast and cut really nice. The power is what I would expect in a commercial tool at least from my first impressions. The length in the shortest configuration is a bit more than the original Ego multihead pole saw. The motor is located near the chain and I didn’t feel like it added that much weight to the end if any. I noticed near the battery and trigger is a fan. Not sure why it has s fan heart babies at the moving component are on the opposite end of the tool. Maybe it is used to cool down the electronics. One thing it also lacks that the other commercial tools got is a 3 speed selector, Bluetooth (I will have to check on this but no evidence on Bluetooth), and an on tool battery display. I probably wouldn’t use the speed selector if it had it but the battery display would be nice especially since the saw can be so unwieldy when in longer configurations. The front handle is not the same design as the other commercial tools. It seems a bit possibly right handed favored. Also the trigger handle is a different design too. I don’t mind the trigger handle. I need to figure out a comfortable position on the front handle when I use it more. I would have preferred the other style of handle the other commercial tools came with.

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