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Dewalt tools at Lowes


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Just flipping through the ad today and noticed these



-- That DC759KA drill has been around for a while.  I'm assuming they're just trying to burn through their stock, as it looks like the kit has been stamped with the "not available online" at dewalts website.

-- The 2 piece kit looks like a pretty sweet deal, as it has the newer DC720.  I can't find that kit on dewalts website, so perhaps they're just bruning through stock as well.

  On a side note, I'm really annoyed by the whole "UWO" system dewalt uses for it's drills.  I mean, I get what dewalt is saying, and how they want to measure their drills in more than just torque, but it's still obnoxious.

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I have used the DeWalt DC759 on the construction site for years.  I am very impressed with how it has lasted.  Dont be fooled, even though it is labeled as a 'compact 18v', it does not mean it is light duty.  It is as heavy duty as the others.  I use the DC759  3/4 of the time, the other 1/4 time I use one of the many DCD970's I got.    I highly recommed the DC759 drill/driver if you can still get one. 

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