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Makita LXDT01Z 1/4" Cordless Impact Driver with Brushless Motor


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I just just ordered my new impact driver.  I will get in 1 week this are features

-Variable Speed, Reversible .

-Compact Design and Brushless DC Motor.

-Brushless DC motor with high power to weight and size ratio.

-Brushless motor generates less heat buildup and is ideal for prolonged use in manufacturing / production applications.

-3 stage impact power selection ideal for accurate setting of fasteners.

-Battery power warning lamp indicates approximate remaining battery power.

-One touch bit installation.

-Built in L.E.D light with afterglow and independent on / off switch.

-Ergonimically designed rubber grip for comfortable, positive control.

-Glow in the dark bumber.

-Light weight and compact design (Only 3.4 lbs and 5 -1/2" long).


Battery 18 V (1.3 / 3.0 Ah) Li-ion

Driving shank 1/4" Hex

No Load Speed: 0 - 2,600 / 2,000 / 1,300 RPM

Impacts per minute: 0 - 3,400 / 2,800 / 1,300 IPM

Maximum Torque  1460 in.lbs. (165 Nm)

Overall length  5-1/2" (139 mm)

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I like how at 2:40 the guy barely holds down the trigger to over-emphasize their point...lol. In the video below, it only took 00:02:94 seconds to drive a 3" screw into 3" of engineered lumber. Looks like the were using 2" screws in Cedar, and I clocked the DC827 at 00:04:00. Funny stuff!


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He's a Makita sleeper Golem..... ;D

Activating golems;

During the Middle Ages, passages from the Book of Creation, Sefer Yetzirah, were studied as a means to attain the mystical ability to create and animate a golem, although there is little in the writings of Jewish mysticism that supports this belief. It was believed that golems could be activated by an ecstatic experience induced by the ritualistic use of various letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.[3]

In some tales, a golem is inscribed with Hebrew words that keep it animated. The word emet (???, "truth" in the Hebrew language) written on a golem's forehead is one such example. The golem could then be deactivated by removing the aleph (?) in emet, thus changing the inscription from 'truth' to 'death' (met ??, "dead"). Legend and folklore suggest that golems could be activated by writing a specific series of letters on parchment and placing the paper in a golem's mouth.

Deactivate evil Makita sleeper Golem! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??........

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All makita drill  suck when i was at school 75% of makita drill BDF451 the third speed was broken and 25% it was the two and third speed. i only like they impact driver.I will never get makita crap drill.So dont care about me i only buy best tool not the price and not for the mark.Each company have they one greatest tool expemple  Impact = makita, Drill = hilty, Miter Saws = dewalt, drill Accessories = dewalt ??????? Where i work we only use hilti for everything ecept for skill saw milwaukee, cordless and power drill is dewalt.

The last thing is dewalt dont have 3 speed impact drill wich is a nice feature.The led on dewalt dont stay on when you release the trigger.Makita impact stay 10 sec and the new LXDT01 have swich to turn off or on the led.This is nice feature for dark area.

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