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DCT411- How do I make the image so it is upright


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Just got the camera, and the image is always upside down. I don't want to take the monitor off the handle just to see images upright. What am I doing wrong? I read somewhere that there is a gray bar on the camera which determines how to orient the camera when attaching the cable- but on my 9mm camera, there is no gray bar.



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Actually, that works, kind of.

It would be nice when you plugged in the camera, automatically the image would be upright. I tried plugging it in having the cord in different positions and always it was upside down. I have twisted the cord rather severely to make it upright and I guess it works, but it would be nicer if there were one certain position where I knew it was right side up.

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Unscrew the extension, straighten it out, hold it in front of the camera, twist the extension (while plugged in, but not screwed on, so you should see the camera while the extension twists freely) until the picture is in the correct orientation.  Then tighten the threaded section.  It is tricky when actually trying to do it, but that's how I do it.

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