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Removing the blade on a DW402 to install a new one.


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I am having trouble removing the blade on my DW402 angle grinder.  There is a button on the top to hold the blade in place but it only holds the blade in place when turned clockwise.  It does not seem to hold it still when I turn counter-clockwise, which I thought is needed tor remove the blade.  I tried multiple different ways to hold the blade in place while I used a socket to undo the blade but was unable to remove the nut holding the blade tight.  If you know a trick I haven't tried or can help in any way it would be appreciated.  Thank You

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Sorry for a late reply.I have not been on for ages. I hope you sorted it by now.

Generally, the discs run the same way as to unlock the disc. If your disc runs clockwise, you undo it clockwise too. This is because of the AUTO locking nut. As it spins, it self tightens. This is obviously a safety factor for all grinders and tools that spin.

I checked mine and indeed, anti-clockwise to release the blade.

Run your tool briefly to see the direction the blade spins, then unlock the same way.

If you have a problematic nut/arbor you can put the blade in a vice and tap hard with a hammer on the edge of the nut or put your two pronged spanner in and harshly knock it in the correct direction.

Hope this helps. Martin.

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Thanks, I'll give that a try.  I didn't even try turning it that direction, 'cause i didn't want to tighten the bolt but it's worth a try.  I work for a Christian camp and they decided to buy a new grinder but I kept the old one just in case I ran across something I could try.  Thank you again.  :)

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