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dw735 planer motor burnout?


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Hi all,

i'm pretty sure that the motor in my dw735 is toast. i bought it second hand and at first it worked ok. then i screwed up. i grabbed the wrong board and put it through (the board happened to be wedge shaped, so the leading edge was the same thickness of the rest of the boards, but the other end was thicker, so about halfway through it jammed up and tripped the breaker (in the panel, not the built in circuit breaker)

i tried using it again- this time i turned the board around so the thick end of the board was first, and i adjusted the depth of cut according to the thick end. this time i was very careful about setting the depth of cut (i started passing the board through even before the feed rollers would catch it, then lowering it a 32nd at a time until the feed rollers would catch it. about halfway through the first cut the motor started 'revving up and down', and eventually wound down and stopped completely (didnt trip the circuit breaker this time)

i checked the switch, and where one of the white wires connects to the switch looks burned/corroded, so i replaced the connector - the planer still wouldnt start, so i took out the brushes and found that the one towards the outside of the unit was completely trashed, it just came out in pieces.

i replaced both brushes with brand new ones from the dewalt service centre and installed them according to the manual instructions. I turned on the planer and was going to let it run for 10 mins to seat the brushes as the manual indicated, however for the first minute the motor was still sparking really bad, and i got a bad burning smell out of it. i took the brushes out and found that the one on the outside of the unit was nearly half gone again, while the one towards the inside seemed fine.

so i have 2 questions:

1. would anyone here be able to point me in the right direction to get a replacement motor for this planer?

2. has anyone experienced this problem before that might have a more efficient fix for it? i'm not experienced at all when it comes to electric motors, but since one of the brushes wears quicker than the other, is it possible something is out of allignment?

Thanks for any help.

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