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20v max 4 ah batteries


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if i were to order one from the uk would it work with my 20v max set whats different about it all why did dewalt decide to make the uk version 18 and then call the us/CANADA :P one say 20 volt

If you ordered 18v batteries from the UK, then they would work on your '20v Max' US products... Basically it's a numbers game... The batteries are rated at 20v max output (with no load) or 18v Loaded.. This is obviously simplified terms..

Same goes for the US 12v Max system, whereas in the UK and Europe we call it 10.8volt..

So either sets of batteries are compatible with the US or UK models of drills.. and I believe can be charged on any Dewalt compatible charger from any 'Marketplace'.. ie US, Europe or UK...

The only thing you would have to consider is the chargers, and plug types from whichever Market (ie UK or Europe) and also the Voltage 110 or 230v....

The 4.0amp/hr battery is slightly different to the 3.0amp/hr in as much as the battery has a yellow 'top' on the 4.0 and is black on the 3.0 (easily distinguishable from a distance) and also has a Battery level indicator on the rear of the 4.oamp/hr too...

I mainly use the 1.5amp batteries in cordless drills for the weight issue, and have a couple of 4.0's for when I use the Jig-saw or Circular saw..

Hope this helps guys..

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