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Help me decide which Hammerdrill Combo Kit please!


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Hi guys. Just found this site, have searched for a similar question and read as much as I can but I still can't make a decision.  I'm needing a hammerdrill for drilling into masonry where we lock art down using a 3 point system.  Pretty basic hole in the wall type thing.  I'm going with a combo kit because I want a smaller driver than my 18v standard dewalt driver, which is a beast to carry around (wont always have to carry around the hammer drill, just when we run into block wall).  Also, how beneficial is the 3.0Ah 20v vs the 1.5Ah 20v?  There are some really nice +1 deals with the 1.5Ah version of the top one.

Anyway, I am considering these kits.  Will I be happy with the compact set?

DEWALT 20-Volt Max (3.0 Ah) Lithium Ion Hammerdrill / Impact 2-Tool Combo Kit Model # DCK290L2



DEWALT 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill / Impact 2-Tool Combo Kit Model # DCK266L

$299 - $25 coupon



20-Volt Max (1.5 Ah) Lithium Ion Compact Hammerdrill and Impact 2-Tool Combo Kit Model # DCK285C2DCB201-2

$299 + 2 free batteries or free right angle drill

Really appreciate your help guys, I trust your opinion on these subjects more than my own research. 

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Basically I would rule out the 18v tool.. Why would you want to go with 'Older' technology.. Personally I would go with the last Kit, and get the Angle driver... You never know it might come in usefull..

I bought this drill (in the UK) and prefer using it with the 1.5 AH batteries over the 3.0AH as it is so much lighter.. You don't get any less power with the 1.5AH set up, only less run time from the battery.. If you find you need extra run time from the batteries, you could always invest in a 4.0AH battery in the future..

All the batteries (1.5, 3.0 and 4.0) all charge on the same charger, so even if you decided to go the 12v max route in the future, those smaller batteries will still charge on the 20v charger..

This is only my opinion, but at least you will future proof your tool kit if you invest in the latest technology..

Happy Shopping..

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