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Question about 12V batteries


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I' was using the new 12V impact driver and it did something I'm not use to. My 18V just stops when it needs charging. You can pull the trigger and nothing. The 12V slowed down then stopped but repeatedly restarted only each time but would only run at a very slow RPM. It never just stopped like the 18V. It barely had enough power to turn the screws out which were loose enough to do by hand. Are these 12V act different than the 18V Lion batteries meaning they don't just stop but run at a reduced less power speed when they need to be recharged?

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Are they both lithium ion battery packs? Nicad packs you could run down the charge to nothing. Lithium ion batteries wont allow you to do that they need to have a minimum charge so they have cut off when the battery charge gets too low. It's a protection feature on the battery cells.

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Well I was using the 12V impact driver again today and it started slowing down as if the battery was dying and then stopped. Pulled the trigger and it stated again but wouldn't drive the screws. It did this several times

so I threw it on the charger, grabbed a fresh battery and it drove those screws home. My 18V has never done this, it just stops and will not restart no matter how many times I try it. Maybe it's suppose to do this but I can't see why DeWalt would design the 12V battery protection differently from the 18 or 20V system. What I'd like to know, does this happen to anyone else's 12V?

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