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DW745 compact table saw


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The DW745 is the compact saw with no stand, the DW744 was slightly bigger and had an X stand initially and later a folding wheeled stand available. There was the DW7441 outfeed and side support kit for the DW744 but they don't offer enough support on the outfeed side to go past 3 or 4 feet. They also had the DW746 hybrid saw that did have a wide fence, sliding table and an outfeed table available from DeWalt, They haven't offered that model for several years.


They have now been replaced with 3 models DWE7480 (replaces the DW745), the DWE7490X (replaces the DW745 with X stand) and the DWE7491RS  (replaces the DW745 with rolling stand). The DWE7480 has 24" of rip capacity(up from 20"), the DWE7490X has 28 1/2" (DW744 had 24 1/2") and the DWE7491RS offers 32 1/2". They also offer the DWE7499GD which is basically a DWE7491RS with an electronic guard detection/bypass feature. The new models have a modular guard, kickback pawls and riving knife set-up as well as onboard storage for various parts and accessories to the saws.


All those Model numbers are for American 110-125 volt saws, I don't know what the European 220-240V equivalents would be. Personally if I had to rip a lot of sheet goods, I'd probably go with a track saw or the Ron Paulk setup. Right now I don't do tons of it so I can get by with a straight edge and a circular saw. Most of the time I find myself doing it with my 18 volt DC390 cordless circular saw, that way I don't worry about a cord getting pinched or worse, cut while making a cut. 

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