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Two free batteries with inspection camera!


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Hi all -

I just wanted to share a pleasant surprise that I got from big red yesterday.


So I've been eyeing an inspection camera (2314-21) ever since the review video was posted a while back.  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to cut chunks out of the drywall to see what was going on, but I bet my wife could....


Anyway, the 10% off coupon at CPO the other day, combined with the "Free 2.0 M12 Battery" promotion going on at CPO finally convinced me to pull the trigger.  The free 25' tape measure didn't hurt either.


Well, I finally got around to opening up my new toy last night and what did I find inside?  A coupon directly from Milwaukee for ANOTHER free M12 battery!


So, the haul is:

1 Inspection Camera Kit (with 1.5 M12 Battery)

1 Free 2.0 M12 Battery

1 Free 25' Tape Measure

1 Free 1.5 M12 Battery directly from Milwaukee


I know the 10% off isn't rolling anymore, but if anyone is in the market for a camera, this seems like a pretty good package deal to me.


(oh yeah, the camera itself is really cool - amazing resolution and a 9' cable... so THAT's why there's a horrible draft coming from my outlet box...)




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very cool kdv congrats! I was eyeing the camera from ridged but would like to  get the same one as u did I know theres 2 different types Milwaukee offers and one of them gets some  bad reviews but the one Dan and Eric reviewed with the 9'cable gets some great ones.

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