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Video Revew Makita 18v stick vac's 2 model comparison


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I got a little crazy today and decided to shoot another video i filmed the RAS video in the morning and we finished up what we had planned for work for the day earlier than expected so i figured what the heck :)

the video pretty much covers it all, if you have any other questions please let me know

hope you all enjoy the video, if your feeling crazy, head over to youtube and click like, leave a comment and even subscribe.

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MikeyB, this one is for you man!   both of these are really great vacs.. now you see the differences between the two and can make your own decision about whether you want to order the one from the US or Canada.   these both do great on the job and around the house   they work excellent on hard floors and even work decent on carpet.. i wouldn't expect to do a whole house of carpet but touching up dirty areas or a door or bath mat it works good. 



I bought mine from https://www.mississaugahardware.com  I bought several tools at the time and they were the site with all the tools i wanted and with the best pricing.    they did offer me free shipping when i sent an email enquiring about the cost of shipping but my order was fairly expensive so I'm not sure if thats why. 



from what i could see they didn't have the disposable bags on their website.. there are a few us sites you can get them on though so i wasn't too worried


this site actually has the tool for a little less money but I'm not sure how it will all break down once shipping is factored in 



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that is awesome of you taking the time out to shoot the video's........great job!

Thanks Comp!  I hope you enjoyed them


its actually a fun way to break up my day or give me a little something to look forward to..   I'm planning on making videos of tools as I'm using them on an actual job so it won't be as time consuming.. i will already have the tool out and the material there so its just a matter of taking 5 or 10 minutes to bust the phone out and record..   also no fancy editing or multiple takes, what you see is what you get (the first video, drywall screw gun, was 3 takes but we were just getting warmed up! haha..   the festool video and this one were both single takes!)


i feel like as long as you guys are enjoying them and taking something away from them, and it doesn't eat up a bunch of my time or interfere with me getting my jobs done then I'm happy to make them :)

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