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DCD710S2 or DCF610S2?

Lawrence Chan

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Hi, new to the forum and I hope you guys can help point me in the right direction as to which drill driver i should buy for small DIY home projects. I wont be driving 3" screws into 4x4 or making 1" holes all day. The biggest bit i have is a 6mm and so far, it all I needed in my projects. The cheap Chinese Li-ion drill Im using right now is alright, but being a cheap drill, the chuck is out of round and wobbles quite a bit. Its quite annoying when Im trying to drill something or screw something in and the drill keeps wobbling. 


I picked the the Dewalt line because of the design and ergonomics, but mostly because of the looks. I really like the look of the impact drivers, and the DCF610S2 screwdriver fits the bill pretty nicely as it has the looks of an impact and works similarly as a drill. The limiting factor would be the 1/4" hex shank where, I can get 1/4" shank bits, but the DCD710S2 would be the more versatile tool and can accept more bits


I know, my logic is kind of form over function, but what would you choose for a good all round home DIY compact drill?

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most people recommend a drill over an impact driver, if you have to choose only one, and I agree.


the 710 is a very comfortable drill, but a little long compared to the competition. also Dewalts 12V line is pretty poor compared to the likes of Milwaukee and Bosch. having said that, if you only want a drill, and (like me) you don't want the fat grip of the other brands, I'd gladly recommend it.

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I sounds like your not in the usa. If you want a tool brand that is affordiable and you can add a ton of additional tools cheap I would consider the Ryobi 18v system. It has a ton of tools useful for a home owner or advanced DIY'er. The Dewat isn't a bad unit it just might be pricey and Dewalt has pretty much abandoned their 12v line they are not intrudusing new tools it seems.

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