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Which Self-Feed drill bits to get?


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Hi guys,

Do some of you, with more experience with hole drilling, have any recommendations?

I'm looking either for a kit (1-1/2 inch and up to) or if you just recommend and specific brand. Though, the largest size 4-5/8 (117mm) would be he most important one right now (guessing you need to buy it separately anyways).

I kinda love having and using quality equipment, and have fallen in love with self-feeding bits. (hate my bosch holesaw)

And looking for a good buy and/or a good bit.

Also do you think the Makita XPH07 (DHP481) with 5AH battery is up to the task? It have really impressed me earlier, testing it with Irwin MAX 32mm (barely) and a 2" local self-feeding drillbit, both in second Gear! (2100rpm/60nm) And curious what its first gear can do (550RPM/125nm)

For example; do you think it could handle the mighty 4-5/8" Irwin self-feed bit with three flutes? Or is Milwaukee or dewalt (for example) less demanding and a better buy?

So what do you guys think?

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I have a kit of the Milwaukee self feed from around 1"-2 9/16 I believe. I like Them but don't have anything to compare them to (other than holesaws) I've always liked the looks of the Milwaukee switchblade self feed bits.

Okay, thanks. You don't accidentally know any good shops that have anything like that? I've tried googling both high and low, but 90 % of the places either only ships to great britain, or the US. The other 9 % usally costs an arm and a leg, and then a kidney for shipping and taxes. Over 200 $ just ain't happening. :P


The local dealers ain't much better. They charge at least 50 % more on accessories like that. On electric tools it's the opposite, and the prices and selection is pretty good. Plenty of Makita, Bosch, and found one that sold some Milwaukee in some dark scarry corner. 


The last 1 % is hard to find, but bid on a new Milwaukee 4-5/8" for a pretty sweet price. 




My guess is that the Makita will drill 4 5/8. I've run mine with a 6" hole saw before and it got it done.. I do a fair amount with a 4 1/8 holes and have no problems

I wish I had a self feed that big, I'd test it out for you 

Sweet, sounds promising. :D Think I'l try and see how it works. I've tried the Hole hawk in a local shop, and honestly, it didn't really feel any more powerfull. If anything, it was just big. But then agian it could be the medium-high RPM that fooled me. (they only have some 1" augers though)

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Got the Milwaukee 4-5/8" some dayes ago, and did some testing:


First of, this thing is huge, not really a surprice, but yeah, it looks a lott bigger IRL.
In use with the Makita drill:

- In MDF, it drilled through like butter, no problems what so ever. 

- In larger soft-wood pieces like in the picture (I belive is pine) you could tell it really pushed the borders of what the drill was capable of. 




It made it through without stopping, but if you do stop, it did not always manage to start up right from the bat. And worse, the kickback you get from that will rattle through your body. You had to back up half a revolution first, to get things to go smooth. 

But yeah, you reaaaaallly understand why Makita gives you the long handle bar. Don't think I could have handled anything less. 


In the end, the bit itself was good and did the job well. Love that you don't get much dust with self-feed bits, only theese large flakes (lovely to use in the fireplace).


A little disappointed that the black paint comes of easily even after just 2-3 holes.  And it got a dent at the cutting edge, and since the part still got paint on, I guess it comes from the manufacturing.



Just a comparison with a 2" self-feed bit (which chews trough like butter at aorund 2000 RPM  :wub: )


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