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What's the best stapler?


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In my shop we go through a fair number of staplers and I've never seen one that could consistently set a staple flush in a 2x4 or other softwood much less through fabric or plastic into a 2x4.  I usually give up and carry around a hammer to finish every staple which is time consuming and frustrating.  And for the moment I'll ignoring the constant jamming.


Has anyone had good luck with a specific stapler or is there some magic spell to solve all the troubles with them?  Dealing with cords or hoses is a pain I'd rather avoid for a simple stapler but those look like the only option (and I don't even know if electric would be an improvement)

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if your going fabric into wood you, best bet will be air and best stapler would be paslode stapler US-100

nice thing about this is takes about 40lbs and can staple up to 15 staples a second, I like it because it is a production model no safety so it goes as long as the trigger is pulled....crazy if your a nut bar but awesome when ya need it.....

I've had mine now for about 3 years never had a jam and I probably have gone through 25,000 staples poker tables take about 1200 staples each built about a dozen or so with it.....

I know air hose is and can be cumbersome but I have mine on a spring over work table above and pull it down when in use.



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I think the Milwaukee actually has a plate on the butt that is made for smacking flush staples. No experience on how well it works. I might try one when the arrow takes a crap.

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