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That'll Teach Ya....


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An elder man was walking down a dirt road, by himself minding his own business....all of a sudden an un-marked cruizer pulled up and parked cross way to block the old fellow.....excuse me sir what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere? the guys says to him ....just walking home why? what is the problem?..the well dressed man from the cruizer says so you live around here? there have been reports of illegal drug growth in this area, do you know anything about that? the man so nope but if your gonna search I wouldn't go in that field as he points with his lips across the road....the guy steps forward closer as he reaches into his breast pocket, pulls out his badge and says .....you see this badge, it is federal government issued and that means I can go anywhere any time I want, you or anyone else is not going to stop me......the elderly man say ok...as he starts his way up the road.....a few minutes later he hears what he think is a little girl screaming and looks across the road as he watches the agent being chased by a bison, he sees the bison is gaining on the guy and he is never gonna make it back to his cruizer....so the elderly man yells as he is chuckling ...show him your badge ...show him your badge...... 

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