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Welp... Plastic burns holes in your skin. Note taken.


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This is among the worst pain I've ever felt... Using the grinder today and hit down some plastic. The friction melted the plastic, and like the retard I am, I tried to flick it away, without thinking that it was molten plastic that would stick to my skin. Lesson relearned, and the pits in my skin show that.

I would have a pic here, but if I take it off the ice for that long the pain is too bad.

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Auch man!


I have not been that unlucky with molten plastic before, even tough I've made similar mistakes. But yeah, I see how that could hurt like hell. XD



You are not the only one hurting today with the grinder. 

Tried out my brand new Makita brushless grinder today, and compared to the old local chepo grinder, it almost didn't vibrate and had a pretty low noise. Which in turn, made me a bit careless of its power, and at one point, I lost control of it a split second. It completly ruined the glove I was wearing (hurt a little bit too), but the hand/fingers were fine. Damn, for a second I though it would fuck up the finger pretty bad. But yeah, I fucking love gloves man! 

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Heh, I would trade a glove for a burn this bad any day... Enjoy the grinder though, I really want one of the makitas!

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Yeah, I'd see that. Ahh thanks, It's pretty great. Even though it burned through two 5AH batteries in an instant (45 min's). :D

ALso, If you get one, also get the makita ezynut (if they have it). It said it was only for their larger 180 and 230mm disc models, but it works perfectly with my 5" (125mm model). Having the quick-change possibility is worth the money twice over. 


Oh man I am so sorry dude, hopefully it will heal quickly. Remember to use neo sporin for the burn, they also make an anti biotic cream version of neo sporin which is better for burns as it also eases the pain. Everyone should have a first aid kit nearby with stuff like this, but if not, have the wife head down to the store and pickup some for you, and then give her a kiss when she gets back to thank her lol.

Great tip. Got to ask my 'wife' that she should check out and get something like that. Just became a nurse you see, so she probably know a bit more (than myself) what they got over here. Hate burning myself, clumpsy me. :P

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