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HD Clearance - Sometimes I don't understand what they're thinking


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So yesterday I stroll into my local HD looking to get a pole saw to limb up some trees. As I was heading down into that section, I came across a clearance area of miscellaneous lawn and garden tools. In that area there were the following items.



A Ryobi Electric Pole Saw - Open Box - Former display unit. Banged up and the chain and bar were loose. ( No Price)




Ryobi 4 Stroke Power Head - Open Box marked down to $38 from the original of $149.00.




I track down a employee to ask him about the pole saw and if knew what the price was. He said he didn't know. I then asked if we could reset the bar and chain and see if it worked. He sad sure, and spent about 5 minutes getting everything right. Everything looks good with the exception of the cosmetic appearance.


While were talking, another employee comes up and I ask him about the price and he responds I'll give you 10% off. I respond well that's only $10 and it's an open box with damage and none of the manuals and everything else. He responds that's the best I can do.


I then ask him then how does the power head which is in a open box ends up being discounted 75% from the original price? It makes no sense.He just says that's the price and then walks away.


At this point, I'm annoyed and thank the first guy for helping me out but for only a savings of $10, I'm just going to buy the new unit.




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