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Dcf886 vs dtd129


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Today I received a makita dtd129 in the post I had ordered online for a friend. I recommended this impact driver having never used it but because I've been so impressed with my recent makita purchases of brushless jigsaw, circular saw and sds. So I decided to do a quick toolfight when he arrived to pick it up and pitted it against my dewalt dcf886, we drove some 80mm x 5mm screws into an old damp railway sleeper and the dewalt absolutely smoked it. I'm not too sure how the specs compare on these 2 drills but is there anything in the specs that justify these results.

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Dtd148 would be the correct impact tot test against the dewalt.

The dtd129 is purely a cheaper impact made on privé.

I've the dtd148 on my watchlist on ebay. I'm tempted to buy. But there's so many other things I'm more in need of. 23 gauge pin gun is next
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I have the 886 and that thing screws like butter. I like the Milwaukee fuel with the 3 mode plus the self tapping mode, I can see where that would come in handy.


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Yes the 886 is excellent, it's hard to imagine there are even far more superior impacts on the market.
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