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My two absolute best tape measures


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Wow,thanks for sharing that. Amazing.  Its not hard to do the math for going from metric to english. Being able to use a diameter scale on it sold it for me,its very much like using a Pi tape.


We often get prints for things in metric.

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Absolutely perfect in any and every situations !

Except for that funny unit of measure, LOL.

I dig the stainless Vogel, unfortunately, I need a tape with Imperial engineers units, like feet/tenths/hundreths. Pretty niche market.

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Just my 2C


I have been using a Lufkin 25 foot 3/4" tape for the last 30 years. The first thing I did was unwind a few time to take the pressure of the tape. The tape has always closed quickly but the last foot is without much power. I figure 30 years for a tape measure is a good deal.


https://mechanicfaq.com/tape-measures-for-woodworkers/"  . I have only had that one for 25 years. Did the same release of tension when I first got the tape. It is a cheap tape without a lock, black plastic case that has a hole broken in one of the corners. But the tape still works without and hangs and is easy enough to read.

My wife decided I needed a new tape a few years ago. She got me a Craftsman 30 foot 1". The tape works okay. I don't care for the action, it is larger in the hand than I like but sometimes it's the tape I see in my shop when I want to measure something so I use it.

I know some people will wrap tape at the tip so there is a "shock absorber" when the tape retracts.

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The new Milwaukee tapes are super functional and the coating they used has kept mine in great shape. Only thing I dislike about it for framing is the rounded face that has their name etched into it; won’t take my tape pad (an old timer favorite)! 


The 2 for 25 is still on at HD I believe


oh and Hemdale that video is incredible thanks for sharing. Wish they made cool stuff like that for us Americans but for some odd reason people here tend to embrace being ‘lowest common denominator’ as I put it.

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On 11/5/2015 at 6:33 PM, hemdale said:

Been searching for good ones I could rely on and trust. Tried the Stanley and a few others and always found that something was missing. I've recently found the Holy Grail:

Vogel 5m and the Hultafors Talmeter 3m emoji322.png

Absolutely perfect in any and every situations !









Hi i am currently developing new molds of tape measures for my clients. Do you mind elaborating on the aspects of why you think these are the best ones you ever used?


Thanks in advance.

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