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DeWalt XPS saw lighting differences?


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I am wondering if there is a difference in the DeWalt XPS lighting that comes factory on the 12" sliding miter saw (DW780) and 12" dual bevel miter saw (DW716XPS) versus adding the LED light kit (PN: DWS7085). 


There is no information that I could find. I am not sure if they are the same LED or if the XPS system is brighter. 


I am purchasing a DW716 12" dual bevel saw. I have the add on LED light kit on my old DW718 12" slider that I am getting rid of that I could swap to the new DW716. If the factory installed XPS light system is better then I would just buy the DW716XPS saw. 






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Update for those curious. Spoke to DeWalt today as well as a local tool repair center. There is no difference in the original 'add on' XPS light and the current built in XPS lights. DeWalt could not give me any details on the LED, not even a lumen output. The main difference I could find in the old DW716 (Type 1-4) versus the newer DW716 is the motor turns at 3800rpm on the new type 20 versus 3600rpm on the older models. 

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Really Gatorb888!? I could get no information like this from DeWalt techs that I got through the corporate help line. One even called me back after speaking with some inside parts/tech department. He came back to me with no helpful information. 


This is great info to have. I will be adding this to my new DW716 Type 20 then. 

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