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Hitachi 728699 Nickel Plated Impact Rated Torsion Bit Set, 35-Piece


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Any of you folks who are sick to the back teeth of screwdriver bits that snap in no time, get your hands on some of these bits.

Hitachi 728699 Nickel Plated Impact Rated Torsion Bit Set, 35-Piece.

I have had a set of these for months, and as of today not a single one of them has broken and they have been used in both my impact drivers on heavy work.

In the U.S you can buy them for under $20 and they are the best I have ever used.

The down side is in the U.K they are as rare as hens teeth and I had to import a set from the U.S but worth every single penny. :)

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I've bought several Milwaukee accessorie sets and they've all been good. Their spade bit set is nice and their thunderbolt bits are great. I've been eyeing the 14 pc. Cobalt set but don't know of anyone who has them. Scored the 13 pc. Ice Hardened hole saw kit 50% off on Black Friday last year at HD.

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Surprising bargain bits, Black & Deckers from Wally world. Every bit as good as Dewalts. Bosch bits are really hard, they break before they wear out. My favs are from Phillips Fasteners. I usually pick up the 5 pack of long number 2s (3-80202) for my impact drivers. I really like their Phillips II screws.

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