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Hey guys just want to share some of the ideas I came up with for my shop. Hope they can help a few people and hope more people post to this thread

I have a 11' wide 24 ' long and 7.5 'high shop I try to hang as much as i can from the ceiling

I screwed I bolts to the joists and used straps from harbor freight to hold up my air filter so it would hang low


I found planter hangers that are used to hang those rectangular planters off a deck railing to hold my long festool track and pole braces


Took scrap aluminum window frames from a job screwed them to the ceiling and I slide my panel cutting jig in and out when I need it


Had some left over 3" pvc made a few drill holders and one for my plumbers torch c2009adc19b4563309abec8397e107d6.jpg64a611af42c570d18cd72c3bcce848b5.jpg

Hope these are useful to someone.

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Very nice organization there dg, cool ideas. Will definitely like to do some things like you did. My ceilings are a little too low. Anything I hang has to be done on the sides so as I don't bash my head on them lol. I'm 6,2 and the ceiling is like 6,5ish maybe. Even with lighting it's a pain it has to be recessed to avoid my head.

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I put in a Grizzly air cleaner for a friend, the blower wheel seems to wobble back and forth a lot, but very little shaking/vibration. Does anyone else have an air cleaner that the blower wheel seems to be off a little? I know they balance the wheels with weights, but it seemed very unsteady

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In my tool trailer I built wood framed shelves and put hinges on the side against the wall, and used a ratchet strap across the front to hold it into position. If I ever need to use the trailer to haul my motorcycle or move, all I need to do is release the straps and they fold flat against the wall in seconds. 


Great, cheap, universal adjustable hangers. 

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